index of authors

Index of Books by Author

Thomas Aslin
A Moon Over Wings

Janée Baugher
The Body’s Physics

Marjorie Becker
Body Bach
Piano Glass/Glass Piano

Sallie Bingham
If In Darkness

Bruce Boston
By All Lights

Kate Buckley
Follow Me Down

Jackson Burgess
Pocket Full of Glass

Dianne Butler
Along the Meridian

Avalon Greenberg Call
The Time Before Mint Peppers

Lily Greenberg Call
The Edge

Robin Chapman
the eelgrass meadow
The Only Home We Know
One Hundred White Pelicans
Six True Things
The Way In

Catharine Clark-Sayles
One Breath

Michael Clifton
Whatever Lasts in Winter

Jeanette Marie Clough

Marcia Cohee

Larry Colker
Amnesia and Wings

Cathy Colman
Beauty’s Tattoo

Glover Davis
Spring Drive

Linda Dove
This Too

Celia Dropkin
The Acrobat

David Ebenbach
We Were the People Who Moved

Tsvetanka Elenkova

Sacrifices Have to Be Human

Margarita Ezcurra
Because I Have Lived

Ezra Dan Feldman
Habitat of Stones

Derrick Fernando
Mozart Mixed Moon

C. B. Follett

Rebecca Foust
God, Seed

Richard Fox
Swagger and Remorse

Todd Fredson
The Crucifix-Blocks

Katya Giritsky
Hungry Women

Myles Gordon
Inside the Splintered Wood

Les Gottesman
The Cases

Sean Gunning
No Samaritan

Michael Hanner

Toni Hanner
The Ravelling Braid

Charles Hansmann
Apostasy of the Wayless Poet
C. G. Hanzlicek
The Lives of Birds

Jonathan Harris
The Wave That Did Not Break

Jordan Hartt

Naseer Hassan

Lorraine Healy
The Habit of Buenos Aires

Rachel Heimowitz
What the Light Reveals

Dima Hilal
Blue Arc West

Donna Hilbert

Sandra Hoben
The Letter C

Jean Barrett Holloway
Weightlifting Rules

Thea Iberall
The Sanctuary Of Artemis

Elijah Imlay
Monsoon Blues

Mifanwy Kaiser
Incidental Buildings & Accidental Beauty
Voices to Come Home To

Joseph Karasek
Beyond Waking
Love and the Ten Thousand Things

Gayle Kaune
All the Birds Awake

Aby Kaupang
Absence Is Such a Transparent House

Carroll Kearley
The Plain Above the River
The Armenian Watchmaker

Willie James King
The House in the Heart

Kevin Kreiger

Susan Landgraf
What We Bury Changes the Ground

Paul Lieber
Chemical Tendencies

M. L. Liebler
Written in Rain

Sandra Luczaj
An Urgent Request

Marie-Elizabeth Mali
Steady, My Gaze

Erin Malone

Holaday Mason
The Weaver’s Body

Gretchen Mattox
Flower Compass Sutras

Stephen McDonald
House of Mirrors

John Merck
A Life of Rhyme, Reason, and Ridiculousness

Gabriel Meyer
A Map of Shadows

Michael Miller
College Town
The First Thing Mastered

Danielle Mitchell
Makes the Daughter-in-Law Cry

Kelly Moffett
bird blind

Christopher Munde

Jim Natal
52 Views: The Haibun Variations
Spare Room: Haibun Variations

Mindy Nettifee
Blue Arc West

Rachel Neve-Midbar
Salaam of Birds

Judith Pacht
Summer Hunger

Steven Paschall w

Sam Pereira
A Café in Boca
Dusting on Sunday

Shawn Pittard
Standing In The River

Daniel Polikoff
Dragon Ship

Holly Prado
Monkey Journal

Steve Ramirez
Don’t Blame the Ugly Mug

Rosaly DeMaios Roffman
I Want To Thank My Eyes

Lois Rosen
Nice and Loud

Sam Roderick Roxas-Chua
Fawn Language

Shankar Roy
Moon Country

Dixie Salazar
Altar for Escaped Voices

Luis Omar Salinas
Messenger to the Stars

Jennifer Saunders
Self-Portrait with Housewife

Shelley Savren
The Wild Shine of Oranges

Judith Skillman
Premise of Light

Joan Stepp Smith

Ephraim Scott Sommers
The Night We Set the Dead Kid on Fire

David Allen Sullivan
Every Seed of the Pomegranate

Paul Suntup
Blue Arc West
So Luminous the Wildflowers

Kareem Tayyar
Magic Carpet Poems
Scenes From a Good Life

Colette Tennant
Eden and After

G. Murray Thomas
My Kidney Just Arrived

Thomas R. Thomas
three on a wire

Brian Tracy
Opaque Traveler

Ben Trigg
Don’t Blame the Ugly Mug

Anastassis Vistonitis
Mara’s Shade

Wang Jiaxin
Darkening Mirror

Florence Weinberger
Sacred Graffiti

Bruce Williams
The Mojave Road and Other Journeys

Cecilia Woloch

Robert Wynne
Museum of Parallel Art

Brenda Yates
Bodily Knowledge