© 2015 Katherine Williams
"Blur" is forthcoming in

A parody of Emily Dickinson’s “439.” Thanks to poet Helen Brandenburg for prompting the first line.
Because I could not stop for Drugs—
They kindly stopped for me—
The Bentley held but just Ourselves—
And Immorality.

We slowly drove—Man, were we wasted—
I had put away
Some Liquor, Lines, and Ashes too—
For Versatility—

We passed the School, familiar Trove
At Recess by the Swings—
We passed the Towns of Blazing Grain—
and Methamphetamine—

Or rather—They passed us—
The Cruise grew Cold—but I was Chill—
Tricked out in Goth—a silk Nightgown—
My Tippet—onyx Tulle—

We paused before a House that held
A Rave-up underground—
On Mollies, we’re Invincible—
On Roofies—all fall Down—

Since then—’tis Centuries—and yet
Feels shorter than the Day
I first tried Horse and lost my Head
but found Eternity—